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Take a quiet moment here to take stock.

Notice how you feel. The invitation today is

to really just move with the breath and to

consider, perhaps, this idea that the

breath is your Spirit. What if the 

breath was your Spirit?

Could we, perhaps, reconnect 

to that notion. What if your breath

were your spirit, after all when you stop

breathing what happens? So, when, we say

'move with your breath' today, it's not just, ah,

the vinyasa, but it really is moving from a

place of connect, moving with your Spirit.

And the idea is if we become more, 

practiced, and more conscious of

breath as Spirit, on the mat, we'll be

able to tap  into that a little bit off the mat.

Using the breath, as we move through, Life? 

But also being conscious in the way that we speak

to one another, and share. [...] What if your breath

were to be regarded as your Spirit, because,

again, after all what happens when you

stop breathing?[...] Would you cut it short,

would you ignore it? Or would you keep comin'

on back to try to figure out what is is, who it is,

how it feels?


Let your Spirit guide the way.

(Yoga with Adriene 2017, Healthy Energy Flow)

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