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Nadine Ryan 

Editing and Consultation


I have over ten years of experience writing and editing, primarily in a university setting. In developing my skill, I have come to approach editing from the perspective of collaboration. Acting as a behind-the-scenes collaborator, or an outside-eye, I offer guidance in the development of various projects in terms of style, content, and message. I can do as much or as little as desired; I can be hands-on and work with specific requests, or I can work with more general requests to shape and polish a written work.

I work with scholars, artists, and business professionals, editing a wide range of works. And, I work with people at different levels of English comprehension; I have worked with authors in which English is their second or third language. I am also enthusiastic about supporting people aiming to Indigenize, complicate, and experiment with English conventions. 


Below are some examples of some types of written projects I have worked on:

  • Articles and Books

  • Artist and Researcher Bios and Statements

  • Business Plans, Policies, and Protocols

  • Course Outlines

  • Conference Papers

  • CVs, Resumes, and Cover Letters

  • Exhibition and Residency Submissions

  • Grant and Funding Proposals

  • Presentations

  • Project Proposals

  • Teaching Dossiers

  • Theses and Dissertations

  • Social Media Posts

  • Speeches


My rate is $24.00 per hour for any of the services listed below (or a combination of these). Please email me to discuss your requirements and goals, and to inquire about a pricing quote.


Style and Syntax:

Developmental Editing:

Working line-by-line to primarily address spelling, punctuation, and grammar; while also attending to consistency with tenses, word-choices.

Focuses on word choice and order, phrasing, and tone and voice; as well as addresses clarity, wordiness, and repetition. This often involves reordering sentences and paragraphs, and advising on, or revising, language and phrasing.

Provides detailed feedback for the broad scope of the work by focusing on enhancing the work as a whole. Developmental editing addresses larger issues such as structure, theme, scope, narrative, and concept building. In this phase of editing I may make changes and suggestions to improve the structure and development of the work, to help you layer (or build) your themes and concepts in a cohesive way. This is the most time-consuming and costly phase of editing


Editing for consistency, and conforming your work to specific requirements of presentation such as setting margins, pagination (setting page numbers), tables and illustrations, use of headings and sub-headings, etc. I am familiar with Chicago, APA, and MLA style guides, and I can follow an alternative style guide that you provide access to.


Proofreading is the final phase of editing, that reviews the final draft for consistency and accuracy. This process involves checking for errors and inconsistency in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and finalizing the formatting of a final draft.


I work best in layers. Upon first read, I copy-edit, and may begin editing for and commenting on style and syntax. Therefore, in order to offer guidance and notes on conceptual development and structure I first read through the entire document and do a thorough copy-edit. In subsequent readings, I edit for and comment on style, syntax, and development. Then I edit the formatting. And finally, at the very end of editing, I proofread the entire document.


Quick breakdown in phases:

  1. Copy editing, and maybe some work on style and syntax.

  2. Style, syntax, and developmental editing.

  3. Formatting.

  4. Proofreading.

Track-changes and Notes

I work with the track-changes function and comment boxes (preferably in a Word document) to edit and make revision suggestions right on your document. In addition to this, I summarize my notes in a separate document which I call Editor Notes.


Please inquire if you need instructions on how to work with track-changes.



Time-frames for returning edited documents are determined on a project to project basis, depending on your needs and requests, and my availability.


Typically, I require a minimum of 48 hours to return a document.


If you have time constraints and require a quick turnaround, please reach out and we can discuss this possibility.

Contact Me

Toronto, ON Canada  |  Email: nadine.r.ryan@gmail.com