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Nadine Roxanne Ryan

I am a photographer, a writer, and an anthropologist. My roots extend from the West Coast of Canada where my father's family descends from European settlers and mother's family belongs to the Shíshálh Nation. I received my Master of Arts, in Social Anthropology, from York University in Toronto. My thesis project was funded with a Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Master's Scholarship and was supervised by Kenneth Little and Natasha Myers. My thesis explores the connections between pilgrimage and tourism in Catalonia, to explore the methodological possibilities of walking as another way of knowing; a mode of attention and relationality. I also received my Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from York University, after transferring from Capilano University in Vancouver. Education in anthropology has honed my attention to the socio-historical context that shapes people, place, and our knowledge systems. Through the creative work of writing and visual arts, I have been able to expand my worldviews and share varying realities. Currently, I am a member of Gallery 44 Center for Contemporary Photography where, in addition to written expression, I work with photography and film to explore perception and perspective by experimenting with methods of exposure, composition, and compilation. I am inspired by philosophical and sociological questions; I am drawn to textures and tones of light, and I am particularly pulled by patterns and dis-symmetry (visual and metaphorical).  

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