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N. Ryan

I hold a Master of Arts degree in Social Anthropology from York University in Toronto ON where I undertook ethnographic research, funded with a Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Master's Scholarship and supervised by William Kenneth Little and Natasha Myers. My Master's research focused on the perambulation of pilgrimage, tourism and social research in Catalonia, to explore the methodological possibilities of walking as another way of knowing; a mode of attention and relationality. I also received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Anthropology from York University, after transferring from Capilano University in Vancouver BC. Currently, I am a member of Gallery 44 Center for Contemporary Photography, and an employee with United Way Greater Toronto. In addition to academic expression, I work with photography and film to explore perception and perspective by experimenting with methods of exposure, composition, and compilation. I am drawn to physical textures and tones of light, and I am particularly pulled by patterns and dis-symmetry. 

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This is a personal and collaborative research-creation project that explores the intricacies, pleasures and responisibilities of being relative. 

This project spirals out from questions of stillness and stasis, life and nonlife.

This project asks viewers to consider the role of material culture in our social worlds as well as the role of display strategies in conveying knowledge.

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