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From up the inlet

Growing up in a family that does not follow predominant perceptions of death as something final, this project serves as a means of working through the sense of loss that accompanies physical death while exploring connection, communication and continuation beyond the body. Click on the image to view the whole project.

Kinship Collage 

This is a collaborative photo essay project that explores the intricacies, pleasures and responsibilities of being relative. Through portraiture, storytelling, conversation and reflection, I am exploring "being" as an amalgamation of various forms of "others," with a focus on particular land, women and substances. Themes underlying this work include: perceptions and experiences of relatedness and relationality, death and dying, roses, fire and dreaming. 

Murk and Mire 

This is a short photo series, that considers the life and liveliness of marsh, bog, and swamp ecosystems. It serves as a prompt, or seed, for a project that I hope to explore more in the future. I am interested in delving into archaeological, geographical, and socio-political narratives and artifacts that surface with various "bog bodies" and muddy our histories and relations. 

Still Life 

This photo series explores Still Life Photography and contemplates the meaning "still life" as not necessarily static and devoid of movement but rather contingent on perception and perspective. 

A series of landscape photos and manipulated images layering different lands.

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